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Recession, Recovery, or Both? Thumbnail

Recession, Recovery, or Both?

A calmer Fed environment may usher in a sustained recovery. Investing for the long term, and staying the course, are even more meaningful when asset prices have a bit of a hill to climb to get back to where they were. But markets do revert to the mean and increase over time.

Your Guide to Year-End Charitable Giving Thumbnail

Your Guide to Year-End Charitable Giving

Whatever your reason for giving this year, it’s important to know how your charitable contributions can impact your financial plan. In fact, being strategic and intentional in your charitable contributions can create tax benefits for both you and your chosen charity.

Surveying Alternative Investment Options Thumbnail

Surveying Alternative Investment Options

Investing can take many forms, and an investment plan often changes throughout your financial journey. But one of the core principles of building a portfolio remains, regardless of your investment strategy's time horizon, risk profile, or goal. Diversification can help smooth out investment returns over time by allocating assets that react differently to the same market or economic events.