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Surveying Alternative Investment Options Thumbnail

Surveying Alternative Investment Options

Investing can take many forms, and an investment plan often changes throughout your financial journey. But one of the core principles of building a portfolio remains, regardless of your investment strategy's time horizon, risk profile, or goal. Diversification can help smooth out investment returns over time by allocating assets that react differently to the same market or economic events.

Keeping Your Balance: Lowering Volatility and Managing Risk Thumbnail

Keeping Your Balance: Lowering Volatility and Managing Risk

Asset allocation is your mix of investments, and it is designed to keep your plan on track, whether that means saving for the future and enjoying your lifestyle now or creating current and future income in retirement. It combines two factors: Your risk tolerance and your time horizon. Rebalancing an investment portfolio is critical to keeping your investments on track to meet your goals.

Should a Trust Be Part of Your Estate Plan? Thumbnail

Should a Trust Be Part of Your Estate Plan?

Modern lives are complicated, asset values are high, and good estate planning is for everyone. Trusts are flexible instruments that can help ensure that your privacy is maintained, your estate is protected, and your wishes are carried out to your specifications. They can also be an effective tool to minimize taxes when deployed for charitable giving.

A Disability Insurance Primer Thumbnail

A Disability Insurance Primer

Many employers cover some amount of short-term disability, but longer periods or a permanent disability typically require additional coverage. Disability insurance's purpose is to provide a percentage of an employee's income when they are disabled and cannot resume their normal responsibilities.